Project: Restoration and Renovations

Client: Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Location: Rosenberg, Texas

Architect: Merriman Holt Powell Architects

Facing a series of water intrusion issues, the Holy Rosary Catholic Church has assembled a project team to focus on investigating and identifying the root causes of exterior envelope failure. Consultants and experts will be involved in the diagnosis and dissection of the elements contributing to water issues. A work plan is being developed in order to accurately understand the methods and steps involved to repair the structure, while staying true to the historic significance of the building. Extreme care and attention will be paid to potentially hazardous materials due to the age of the structure and era of construction. Documentation and removal of these materials will start the process of demolition, to be closely followed by remediation the slate tile roofing, metal steps flashing and sealants, wall cap flashing, cast stone repair and replacement, brick tuck-pointing, stained glass window repair, and stained glass window protection. Interior repairs and updates for liturgical significance will also be undertaken to update the space for a growing congregation. This stunning example of architecture will receive the attention and care needed to extend its usable life while respecting the architectural significance of the building.